Dental implants are the choice treatment method for replacing missing teeth. Unlike other types of tooth replacements, dental implants rebuild your replacement tooth from the root up. Each implant tooth uses a titanium steel root that anchors into the tooth socket to support a crown, bridge or denture.

Image of the parts of a dental implant because titanium is extremely biocompatible, it is the material of choice for many types of procedures, including joint replacements. Bone naturally fuses to the titanium root surface, allowing the implant to be stable and function as if it were a natural tooth.



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Some patients are candidates for same-day mini dental implant treatments. Mini implants are almost half of the size of traditional implants, which makes them ideal for areas that do not have large amounts of bone support.

Because they are minimally invasive, mini implants can be placed in just one treatment visit. Healing time is greatly reduced, and your permanent restoration can be placed on the mini implant immediately.

Replace A Missing Tooth in Just One Day

Mini implants are great for replacing a missing front tooth in just one visit. After your implant is placed, a permanent porcelain crown is bonded to the root. Immediately following your mini implant appointment, you can enjoy the benefits of your new smile without having to wait on a period of healing or bone formation.

Snap-On Dentures

Do you have problems getting your dentures to stay in place? Snap-on dentures can provide the stability and comfort that you need. Using mini implants as anchors, your denture easily snaps into place and stays put without the need of adhesives or tapes.

For patients that don’t want traditional implant dentures, Snap-on Dentures are a great option to give them a secure fitting prosthesis.

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