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Implant Restoration
  • Revolutionary Renewal: Implant Restoration offers a revolutionary renewal, seamlessly restoring your smile to its natural beauty and functionality for a confident, vibrant appearance.
  • Customized Solutions: Every smile is unique, and so is our approach. Implant Restoration offers personalized precision, tailored to individual needs, ensuring optimal results for a customized and harmonious smile.
  • Cost-Efficient Solution: Implant Restoration offers a cost-efficient solution by providing durable, long-lasting results, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and reducing long-term maintenance costs.
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    Tailored Dental Excellence

    Experience a Seamless Process

    Revitalize your smile with implant restoration. Experience a seamless process, ensuring comfort, durability, and a natural appearance for lasting confidence.

    At Take 2 Dental Implant Studio, we are thrilled to guide you through the transformative journey of restoring your smile to its fullest potential.

  • Implant Restoration goes beyond filling the gap; it's an art and science dedicated to restoring the natural beauty and functionality of your original teeth.
  • Imagine personalized, biocompatible implants strategically positioned to seamlessly integrate with your jawbone, ensuring a natural look and feel.
  • This is not a routine procedure; it's a customized solution designed to elevate your comfort, confidence, and overall oral well-being.
  • This is not a routine procedure; it's a customized solution designed to elevate your comfort, confidence, and overall oral well-being.
  • Welcome to a realm where Implant Restoration transcends a mere service; it's a pledge to your enduring happiness and self-assurance. Trust in us to make your smile a timeless expression of joy.
  • Smile Revitalization Mastery

    Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Dr. Burk details the transformative nature of full mouth reconstruction in revitalizing a person’s smile.

    Revitalizing a Person's Smile

    The reconstruction process typically involves rebuilding the bite, crowning all teeth, and achieving a Hollywood smile.
    It addresses various issues like failing teeth, gum disease, and an aged appearance.
    Dr. Burk's practice offers a comprehensive approach, handling everything under one roof.
    The unique aspect involves designing teeth on a computer first, providing patients with a mock-up of their potential smile before any treatment begins.
    This innovative approach allows patients to visualize and understand the expected results, empowering them to make informed decisions before committing to the full mouth reconstruction procedure.
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    Precision Smile Renewal

    Why Choose Implant Restoration?

    Explore the compelling reasons to choose implant restoration for a natural, lasting, and confident smile.

    Preserving Facial Harmony

    Implant Restoration isn’t just about replacing missing teeth; it’s a comprehensive approach that preserves your facial structure, preventing the bone loss commonly associated with tooth loss. By maintaining the integrity of your jawbone, our approach ensures not only a radiant smile but also a youthful and naturally contoured
    facial appearance.

    Effortless Chewing Functionality

    Rediscover the joy of effortless chewing with Implant Restoration. Our biocompatible implants seamlessly integrate with your natural teeth, providing a stable and functional foundation for efficient biting and chewing. Say goodbye to dietary restrictions and savor your favorite foods with confidence, knowing that your restored smile can handle every culinary delight.

    Customized Comfort and Fit

    Implant Restoration at Take 2 Dental Implant Studio is a personalized experience. We understand that no two smiles are alike, and our meticulous approach ensures that your restoration feels like a natural extension of your own teeth. Implants are customized to your unique anatomy, guaranteeing a comfortable fit and a seamless integration into your daily life.

    Confidence Beyond the Smile

    Implant Restoration goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about restoring confidence in every aspect of your life. Regain the ability to speak clearly, laugh freely, and engage socially without hesitation. Our commitment is to empower you with a smile that not only looks natural but also feels authentic, allowing your confidence to shine through in every interaction. Welcome to the transformative world of Implant Restoration at Take 2 Dental Implant Studio, where your radiant smile is our ultimate goal.

    Elevate Smiles: Implant Restoration Excellence in Alaska

    Elevate your smile with excellence in Implant Restoration at Take 2 Dental Implant Center, set against the captivating landscapes of Alaska. Our commitment to precision, personalized care, and advanced techniques redefines the standard of dental wellness.
    Unveiling Excellence Beyond

    The Science Behind Implant Restoration

    At Take 2 Dental Implant Studio, understanding the science behind Implant Restoration is key to appreciating the excellence of our approach.

    Biocompatible Marvels

    Implant Restoration involves the use of biocompatible materials, typically titanium, that seamlessly integrate with your jawbone. This process, known as osseointegration, ensures a stable foundation for your new teeth, mimicking the natural structure of your original dentition.

    Precision Planning with 3D Imaging

    Our approach begins with cutting-edge 3D imaging technology, allowing for precise planning of implant placement. This advanced technique ensures that each implant is strategically positioned for optimal functionality and aesthetic harmony, promoting
    long-term success.

    Customized Treatment Plans

    No two smiles are alike, and neither are our treatment plans. Implant Restoration is a highly personalized process, tailored to your unique dental anatomy and restoration goals. Our commitment to customization ensures a comfortable fit and a natural-looking result.

    Minimally Invasive Techniques

    Embracing minimally invasive techniques, we prioritize your comfort and swift recovery. By minimizing trauma to surrounding tissues, our approach accelerates the healing process, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of Implant Restoration sooner.

    Comprehensive Aftercare

    The science behind Implant Restoration extends into our comprehensive aftercare. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your implants remain in optimal condition through regular check-ups, maintenance, and guidance on proper oral hygiene practices.

    Longevity and Reliability

    Implant Restoration is not just a cosmetic enhancement; it’s an investment in longevity and reliability. The scientifically backed durability of our implants ensures that your restored smile stands the test of time, providing enduring confidence and functionality.

    Efficiency Trust Comfort

    Why Choose Us

    Why settle for less when you can choose Take 2 Dental Implant Center? With our commitment to efficiency, precision, and patient satisfaction, we’re your trusted partner for a comfortable and successful dental implant journey.

    Alaska's Implantology Expert

    Dr. Guy Burk, a BOARD CERTIFIED Dental Implantologist and AMERICAN BOARD OF ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY DIPLOMATE, excels in surgical and prosthetic aspects for consistent, efficient, and esthetic results.

    Digital Dental Excellence

    Our 100% digital workflow ensures top aesthetics, speed, and predictability. Dr. Guy Burk, an Elite implant dentist with 13+ years’ experience, constantly updates skills through expert interactions.

    In-House Dental Lab

    Our in house dental laboratory means you get to leave with teeth that are attached to you the day of your surgery. Your final restoration can be made in as little as 24 hours instead of 3+ weeks like everywhere else.

    Customized Excellence Journey

    Customization Process

    At Take 2 Dental Implant Studio, our commitment to excellence extends to every facet of the Implant Restoration process, including the crucial customization phase. 
Here’s a closer look at how we tailor each step to ensure your journey is not only seamless but also uniquely yours.

    Precision Abutment Placement

    Our meticulous approach begins with the precise placement of abutments – the connectors between your implant and the crown. Using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure that each abutment is positioned with utmost accuracy, laying the foundation for a secure and aesthetically pleasing restoration.

    Abutment Repair Expertise

    In rare instances where abutments may fracture due to excessive force or trauma, our skilled implant specialists step in with expertise. Addressing this uncommon occurrence requires finesse and experience. We understand that unexpected challenges may arise, and our team is equipped to handle abutment repairs, ensuring the integrity of your restoration.

    Seamless Abutment Replacement

    Should the need arise for abutment replacement, our specialists execute the process with precision and efficiency. Depending on the type of implant you’ve undergone, this step can be a straightforward procedure. We guide you through the process, ensuring minimal disruption and a seamless transition to a new abutment, maintaining the integrity of your implant.

    Efficient Crown Creation

    A crucial element of the customization process is crafting a new crown that perfectly complements your restored smile. Our dental artisans meticulously design and create crowns that not only blend seamlessly with your natural teeth but also exhibit the durability needed for long-term functionality. The result is a customized restoration that reflects the unique beauty of your individual smile.

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    Download our Free Dental Implant Pricing & Information Guide!

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    FAQs on Implant Restoration

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Discover answers to common questions about implant restoration. Learn about the procedure, costs, success rates, and more to make an informed decision about your dental implant journey.

    What is implant restoration?

    Implant restoration is a dental procedure that involves attaching replacement teeth (crowns, bridges, or dentures) to dental implants, which act as artificial tooth roots. These implants provide a secure, natural-looking, and functional solution for individuals with missing teeth.
    The duration of the implant restoration process can vary based on individual cases. Typically, the procedure involves multiple appointments. After implant placement, a healing period of several months is often necessary for osseointegration, where the implant fuses with the jawbone. Subsequent appointments include impressions, custom prosthesis creation, and fittings. The overall timeline depends on the patient’s oral health and specific requirements.
    Dental implants are an excellent choice if you have missing teeth, good oral health, and sufficient jawbone density. However, an evaluation by our experts will determine if implants are suitable for your unique situation.
    We prioritize your comfort. The procedure is performed under anesthesia, ensuring you experience little to no pain during the process. Some post-operative discomfort is normal, but it’s manageable with prescribed medications.
    Implant-supported teeth require daily oral hygiene care similar to natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are essential. Dental implants don’t decay, but maintaining gum health is crucial.
    While smoking can affect healing, dental implants are still a viable option for smokers. However, quitting or reducing smoking will enhance the chances of implant success.
    The cost varies based on the number of implants needed and the type of restoration. During your consultation, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the costs and discuss financing options.
    Some dental insurance plans may cover part of the costs of implant restoration, while others may not. Our team can assist you in understanding your insurance benefits and explore financing options to make treatment affordable.
    Implant restoration has a high success rate, typically over 95%. Success depends on factors like proper care, good oral hygiene, and following post-operative instructions.
    Yes, dental implants are a versatile solution for replacing single or multiple missing teeth. We offer various options, including implant-supported bridges and dentures, to address your specific needs.

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    Unleash confidence with Dr. Burk’s expertise. Explore life-changing dental implant solutions, tailored to perfection. Your journey to a radiant smile begins here.
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    Dr. Guy Burk


    Dr. Guy Burk, a Board Certified Dental Implantologist, Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology and, Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry is a highly trained implant specialist. He focuses on placing and restoring dental implants, specializing in complex cases. Dr. Burk is a leader in digital dentistry and full-arch implant techniques, consistently pursuing the latest advancements in implant dentistry to benefit his patients.

    He values patient advocacy, treats everyone like family, and is an active member of the Anchorage community. Beyond dentistry, he’s a pilot and enjoys the outdoors with his family and mini goldendoodle.

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    Inder Rao
    4 weeks ago

    I felt devasted when i lost my front teeth accidentally until i learnt that dental implant can help restore my smile and the confidence that i have lost. Beside the knowledge and reassurance the dentist and the staff at Alaska I

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    Kathleen Gallagher
    4 weeks ago

    Had my first visit with this practice this week. Everyone, from front desk staff to techs & dentists are so kind & friendly. Met with 2 dentists to formulate a plan for my dental needs. Had some particular concerns due to medical issues.

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