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Implant Care
  • Precision Perfection: Implant Care ensures precision and perfection in restoring your smile. Our specialists excel in crafting dental implants that fit seamlessly, providing you with a natural, confident look and feel.
  • Comfort Redefined: With Implant Care, your comfort takes center stage. Enjoy the freedom to eat, speak, and smile without discomfort or inconvenience, making everyday life a pleasure.
  • Reliable Durability: Implant Care is synonymous with reliability and durability. Say goodbye to dentures or other temporary solutions – dental implants are designed to last a lifetime.
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    Smooth Implant Care

    Dental Implant Care

    Navigate smooth dental implant care to prevent complications by adhering to proper oral hygiene practices and routine follow-up appointments.

    Your journey to a lasting and vibrant smile begins with understanding the essence of Implant Care. Think of your implants as sturdy foundations, comparable to your natural teeth. Maintaining them is as straightforward as upholding your regular oral hygiene routine.

  • Self-Supported Brilliance: Implants mimic natural teeth, demanding similar care for lasting brilliance and longevity.
  • Simple, Effective Care: Our Implant Care approach prioritizes simplicity and effectiveness, echoing familiar practices for maintaining natural teeth health.
  • Empowering Knowledge: At Take 2, we empower you with the know-how and tools to effortlessly integrate Implant Care into your daily routine.
  • Preserving Smile Integrity: Seamlessly preserve the integrity and beauty of your smile with our dedicated approach to Implant Care.
  • Care Insights

    Essential Implant Care Guide

    The Essential Implant Care Guide offers crucial insights for maintaining optimal oral health, ensuring longevity and success of dental implants

    Brush Gently

    Embrace the tender touch. Use a soft-bristled or electric toothbrush to delicately remove debris and plaque from around the implant crown. This meticulous approach safeguards against infection, prevents gingivitis, and nurtures the lasting vitality of your appliance.

    Clean In-Between

    Elevate your care with precision. Employ floss, floss picks, or a water flosser to banish bacteria residing between your implants, beyond the reach of a toothbrush. Implants, like natural teeth, can fall prey to gum disease. Discover a method that suits you best, especially for areas under bridges or All-on-4 Dentures, effortlessly maintained with water flossers or a floss threader.

    Follow Up Care

    Proactive measures for enduring brilliance. Your dental implants crave preventive attention too! Schedule regular dental cleanings every six months to thwart tartar and stain buildup on your implants. This ensures a bright, stain-free smile while fortifying the longevity
    of your implants.

    Watch Your Diet

    Nourish your implants wisely. Opt for a tooth-friendly diet that minimizes sugary and acidic foods, reducing the risk of plaque buildup and potential damage to your implants. Incorporate calcium-rich foods for optimal bone health, fortifying the foundation that
    supports your implants.

    Stay Hydrated

    Hydration is the unsung hero of oral health. Adequate water intake helps maintain a balanced pH level in your mouth, preventing dryness and promoting saliva production. Saliva plays a crucial role in cleansing your implants and oral tissues, serving as a natural defense against bacteria. Make water your daily companion, and let it contribute to the enduring vitality of your radiant smile.

    Your Smile Deserves Nothing But the Finest Care

    Our tailored approach ensures your implants receive the care they deserve, promoting longevity and brilliance. Say goodbye to uncertainties and embrace a future of enduring smiles.

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    Download our Free Dental Implant Pricing & Information Guide!

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    Efficiency Trust Comfort

    Why Choose Us

    Why settle for less when you can choose Take 2 Dental Implant Center? With our commitment to efficiency, precision, and patient satisfaction, we’re your trusted partner for a comfortable and successful dental implant journey.

    Same-Day Implant Bridges

    We ONLY perform same-day immediate-load full-arch fixed implant bridges. By focusing on one thing, we are able to deliver a superior product and you leave with teeth.

    3-Year Restoration Coverage

    We cover your dental restoration for 3 years from the time of restoration, even if additional surgeries are necessary, which means any revisions do not come out of your pocket.

    Local Zirconia 
& Titanium Teeth

    We craft your teeth from top-grade Zirconia and Titanium in-house. No outsourcing. This sustains local jobs in Alaska and delivers
    tailor-made teeth promptly.

    Navigate Implant Wellness

    Common Issues

    Ensuring diligent dental implant care prevents complications, ensuring a smooth journey for long-term oral health and implant success.

    Combatting Peri-Implantitis

    This inflammatory condition poses a threat to the tissues surrounding your implants. Understand the early signs – redness, swelling, and bleeding – and learn how meticulous care disrupts the progression of peri-implantitis, safeguarding the integrity of your implants.

    Biomechanical Considerations

    Implants, like natural teeth, experience wear and tear. Delve into the biomechanical intricacies, exploring how factors like grinding or clenching can impact your implants. Discover protective measures, such as night guards, to mitigate these challenges and fortify the longevity of your implants.

    Prosthetic Complications

    Your implant’s crown or restoration may face occasional challenges. Uncover the potential issues, from minor adjustments to more complex concerns, and explore how regular check-ups and timely interventions ensure your prosthetics continue to enhance your smile flawlessly.

    Gum Recession Awareness

    The health of your gums is paramount. Recognize the signs of gum recession and understand how it may affect your implants. With a proactive approach to care, including soft brushing and regular check-ups, you can mitigate the risk and preserve the aesthetics and stability of your implants.

    FAQs on Implant Care

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Unlock the secrets to optimal oral health with our FAQs on Implant Care. Learn expert tips for maintaining and preserving your implants, ensuring a lasting, radiant smile.

    How do I care for my dental implants?

    Proper care for your dental implants is similar to caring for your natural teeth. Brush and floss regularly, and don’t forget to attend your regular dental check-ups for professional cleanings and assessments to ensure your implants stay healthy.
    Yes, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush or an electric toothbrush to clean your dental implants. These tools are gentle yet effective at removing debris and plaque from around the implant crown, helping to prevent infection and maintain the longevity of your implants.
    In the initial healing period, it’s best to stick to soft foods and avoid very hot or cold items. Once your implants have fully integrated, you can typically enjoy your favorite foods without restrictions. However, always practice good oral hygiene to ensure your implants stay in top condition.
    While there are specialized products available, your regular toothpaste and dental floss should suffice. Your dentist may recommend a gentle, non-abrasive toothpaste. It’s essential to follow your dental professional’s advice for the best care routine for your specific implants.
    Regular dental check-ups are crucial for implant care. Typically, you should visit your dentist every six months for professional cleanings and assessments. However, your dentist will provide you with a personalized schedule based on your specific needs and the condition of your implants.
    Dental implants themselves cannot develop cavities, but the surrounding natural teeth and gum tissues can. It’s vital to maintain excellent oral hygiene to protect your natural teeth and implant-supported restorations.
    Smoking can have adverse effects on dental implants’ success rates. It may increase the risk of implant failure and complications during the healing process. If you smoke, discuss your options with your dentist to improve your chances of implant success.
    Dental implants are designed to be stable and durable. However, if proper care and maintenance are not followed, complications can arise. Regular dental check-ups and a diligent home care routine can help prevent issues and ensure the long-term stability of your implants.
    Age is not typically a restriction for dental implants. Many older adults successfully receive implants. Your overall health and bone density are more critical factors for determining your eligibility.
    Dental implants are a long-lasting solution, often lasting a lifetime with proper care. Regular dental check-ups, good oral hygiene practices, and a healthy lifestyle contribute to the extended lifespan of your implants.

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    Dr. Guy Burk, a Board Certified Dental Implantologist, Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology and, Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry is a highly trained implant specialist. He focuses on placing and restoring dental implants, specializing in complex cases. Dr. Burk is a leader in digital dentistry and full-arch implant techniques, consistently pursuing the latest advancements in implant dentistry to benefit his patients.

    He values patient advocacy, treats everyone like family, and is an active member of the Anchorage community. Beyond dentistry, he’s a pilot and enjoys the outdoors with his family and mini goldendoodle.

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