Do Dental Implants Require You to Restrict Certain Foods?

It’s common for this question to emerge when patients schedule their initial implant procedure. Like denture wearers, they wonder what they can and cannot eat before the procedure, afterwards and for the rest of their lives. While dentures and implants do have similarities – they are meant to mimic and give the outwards appearance of being your natural teeth – the two are also vastly different. For one, dental implants are much stronger than dentures and, for another, they don’t have to be removed to be cleaned. Unlike denture wearers that need to restrict foods, however, dental implant wearers can eat whatever they want, with some restrictions. Here, let me explain.

Before the Dental Implant Procedure

Since the dental implant procedure is a surgery, your mouth will need to be very clean so as to avoid infection. We will clean the surgical site adequately, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. If you want to brush and floss prior to your Implants Alaska appointment to keep your mouth spotless, that’s even better. You do not have to restrict your eating before the procedure, however.

In the Days After the Surgery

Immediately following your procedure, there may be some swelling and soreness. This is normal, as those signals indicate that your jaw is healing. The idea is to have your jaw bone heal and grow around the dental implant, solidifying it in place. If you eat foods that are too sticky or hard-to-eat, like corn or apples, you may knock the implant out of alignment or, worse, you may hinder the healing process altogether. That’s why here at Implants Alaska we encourage you to use your own judgment and only eat those foods that will be the easiest on your implant (or implants, if you had several placed during your procedure).

Months Afterwards

In many cases, the jawbone takes months to heal properly. This means that you might want to watch what you eat for three to six months, or until your doctor tells you that it’s ok to let loose. Generally speaking, any food that makes noise when you eat it should be considered carefully before you put it in your mouth. While chips aren’t likely to cause you as many problems as apples or corn, again, use your own judgment. It is far better to care for your implant properly than to enjoy a crunchy treat for a few moments of pleasure. But of course we all know how tempting some foods can be.

The point is, unlike dentures, dental implants are the next closest thing to having your natural teeth. When the bone has fully healed, you’ll be able to do whatever you used to do with your natural teeth, like enjoy all the crunchy and chewy foods you want. So when your implants are healed, go crazy. But until then, use caution when eating for best results following your dental implant procedure at Alaska Implants.

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